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Here are surprising facts and info about Anglomac milk you might not realize.

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What Is Anglomac Milk?
Goodness, didn’t you know? Well, the only premium quality Full-Bodied milk available in market.
Why Is Anglomac Milk So Special?
It brings back the original creamy taste of Full-Bodied milk which we used to enjoyed back in 1980’s. That’s what makes Anglomac so special.
Does Anglomac Make You Fat?
Ooops! Never. Healthy dietary fat will not make you fat. Even though dietary fat is the roof of all evil, but we need healthy fat in our diet for proper body composition.
What Sort of Anglomac Can I Enjoy?
Use it for every milk purpose! Anglomac offers a range of milk to suit all lifestyles. A cup of hot milk, a bowl of brekkie cereal or can be added into your favourite beverages.
How Long Does Anglomac Stay Fresh?
Anglomac stays fresh for 18 months unopened and 30 days once opened. That’s enough time to go on a round world trip and come home to cuppa!
Can Anglomac Milk Make Yoghurt?
Anglomac milk is the perfect choice for thicker kind of greek yoghurt. Once you try this, you will want to make it all the time. Apart from Yogurt, Anglomac Milk Powder can also be used to make Lassi drinks.
Does Anglomac Have Probiotic?
There are millions of good bacteria found in every serving of yoghurt. Anglomac Full-Bodied milk makes great base in which ‘good bacteria’ can multiply for great source of probiotics.
Is Anglomac Suitable For Kids?
Definitely! Protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients and vitamins meets at least 80% Malaysian Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI). Give your child Anglomac everyday as part of balanced diet.
Why Kids Should Opt For Full Cream Milk?
Children between 2 – 12 years old need sufficient amount of healthy dietary fat for nerve & brain development. The nutrient levels in milk are very high relative to its small number of calories.
Does Anglomac Make My Skin Glow?
Cleopatra’s most famous beauty secret was drinking milk with honey. It kept her skin clear, rejuvenated and leaving her skin glowing naturally. Go glow with Anglo-mac-milk!
Is Anything Added To Anglomac?
Nothing at all! No filler ingredients used to alter its natural goodness. Anglomac is as pure as the driven snow (but much tastier, of course).
Does Anglomac Make Good Coffee?
Well. Even tea! Anglomac makes the best coffee because it makes the creamiest, silkiest and smoother than a cashmere goat singing sinatra type milk foam.
Where In The World is Anglomac Sold?
We care your convenience and you can purchase our products in front of your screen on Lazada, 11Street & Shopee Malaysia. Your can also get your hands on the products at selected hypermarkets.
Is Anglomac Milk Ready For Export?
We are standing tall to go global and able to cater according to your local demography. Speak with our customer service representative for an appointment.
Do You Sell Wholesale?
Aha. We’d be pleased to welcome you. Drop us a line to get started for wholesale hot deal!

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