Main Advantage of Anglomac Milk

Red Blood Cell Development

Calcium Absorption and Retention

Healthy and Balance Growth

The Host of Vitamins

Beneficial for immune system, reproductive system, vision and aids in cellular growth.

Helps intestines absorb phosphorous and calcium. It aids healthy bones, joints and heart.

A coenzyme used by the body to metabolize food for energy and maintain heart and nerve function.

Maintaining healthy blood cells and boosting energy levels. Preventing free radical damage, protecting skin and healthy eye.

The Milk Fact

Surprisingly, powdered milk and fresh milk significantly share similar nutritional value. They only come in different variants and retains nutritional value even with longer shelf life.


What Our Customers Say

"I never knew powdered milk tasted so good until I tried Anglomac full bodied milk. The brand availability is just a click away on E-Commerce platforms. The shipping, handling and storage are easy and convenient."

Steve Wee, Personal Branding Strategist, Mont Kiara

"Literally, Anglomac full bodied milk gave my taste bud back. Their milk reminded me of what original milk used to taste like 30 years ago. It is perfect for drinking and to make my family's favourite creamy custards and puddings."

Nadia Yahaya, Entrepreneur, Klang Valley

"My family is a big fan of Anglomac full-bodied milk! Initially it was consumed by my hubby to mix with his coffee then followed by my mother in law. She stays healthy and able to keep her muscle fatigue subdued. Thank you for providing us the superior product. Currently we are buying it from Johor Bharu. We can't wait to get it from Singapore retail stores soon."

Shona Gunasekaran, Executive, Singapore

"Anglomac milk not only has creamy refined taste; I know that I'm using a fresh, healthy product for my culinary arts! The taste says it all when you cook with the best ingredients."

Daniel, Chef, Putrajaya

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